Content Marketing
lead generation for b2c
Not just for B2B, up your brand awareness and start selling more stuff with lead generation for B2C. Hey everybody, did you know that lead generation is not just for B2B? That’s right! While typically discussed over catered deli food by the suited up B2B marketers, it doesn’t have to be reserved as a strategy...
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lead generation strategy
So you want to start a lead generation strategy? Here’s what you need to know. The traditional buyer’s journey has been disrupted – more of your potential customers are researching and making purchasing decisions before ever even talking to a sales person. To take back some of the control and give your sales team the...
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Are you constantly spinning your wheels to generate more leads? Do you know exactly how many leads you need to meet your revenue goals? Step 1: Set Your Lead Goal Knowing your lead goal is the first place to start! Before we get into the details of how to generate more leads, use our lead...
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