How to Get More Leads from Your Website Visitors – Part 1

how to get more leads from your website

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After spending time, resources, and budget creating a website that perfectly describes your business’s brand and voice, you might be wondering why it’s not generating enough leads, or if the leads that your website is generating align with your business goals. By implementing Google Analytics on your website, you can discover useful data such as who visits your website, where they come from and what they click on. Monitoring and understanding this data on your website visitors can guide your marketing strategy, and in turn help you get more leads from your website.

Before explaining how to analyze your audience, first we should review a few Google specific terms:

Understanding Google Terms

Session: A single visit to your website, consisting of one or more page views, along with events, e-commerce transactions and other interactions within 30 minutes.

Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions with a single page view. When analyzing the bounce rate contextually, it can sometimes, be a good thing. For example, if you write a blog, a frequent reader might only be visiting your website to read your latest blog post. However, if you are an online store and want people to browse around for items to shop for, then you can aim to lower your bounce rate.

User: An individual person browsing your website. Each user can visit your website multiple times. For example, 1 user could create 3 sessions on your website, with each session containing multiple pageviews. However, if a user visits your website on separate devices, more than one user will be reported.

Now that you are up to speed on Google’s terms, we can explain step-by-step how to better understand your website data with Google Analytics. There is so much helpful data in Google Analytics, and in this post, we’ll focus on a few key areas to guide your lead generation marketing strategy

Understanding How Your Visitors Find Your Website

In Google Analytics, click Acquisition > Overview

Get More Leads

The acquisition overview page gives you a broad understanding of how a visitor found your website, through social media, directly, organically (by completing a google search) or a referral (a link on different website). By digging deeper into Google Analytics, you can discover the specific social media channel, referral, or even the Google Ad they clicked on. This data can guide how you promote your website. For example, if most of your visitors are finding your website through a social media channel, it may be a good idea to invest in social media ads in order to increase your traffic, since you already know that it is resonating with your audience.

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