Lead Gen Pardot Landing Page Template

Look like an HTML pro with our beautiful, responsive Pardot landing page template!

No HTML experience, no cry. That’s the way our song goes! Pardot users, we know your pain. Your job is lead gen, not HTML – wouldn’t be a dream if you could just whip up a Pardot landing page with ease and start reeling in the leads?

You’re in luck! We designed a beautiful, responsive HTML Pardot landing page template for you.

pardot landing page template

Here’s how to access and use our free Pardot Landing Page Template:

  1. Visit this page and fill out the form to access the HTML file (we’ll email it to you, so no faking your address 👀)
  2. Login to Pardot and navigate to Landing Page Layout Templates
  3. Click Add Layout Template and give the template a descriptive name
  4. Scroll to the Layout section, highlight the HTML that is currently in there and delete it
  5. Open our HTML file – this will likely open a browser window; Right-click and select View Page Source to access the HTML; Highlight it all, and copy it
  6. Paste the HTML in the Pardot Layout section – Click Save
  7. Now, navigate to Landing Pages and click Add Landing Page
  8. Fill out all required fields and select a form to use on the page
  9. Once you get to the Content Layout tab, make sure to select your new Landing Page Layout Template
  10. Replace all the images and copy with your own by clicking into each section
  11. Make sure to Confirm and Save!

download the Pardot landing page template

We’d love to see how you use our template! If you have any questions and to show us your landing pages, tweet at us!

About the author

Ginny Torok Duwa is the Managing Director at Kadence Digital. She is dedicated to marketing that makes a difference, and gets excited about quantifiable results. She has a specialization in marketing operations and lead generation.