How Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio Differs From Other SMS Platforms

Connecting With Your Customers Through SMS – is Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio or another platform right for you?

If you’re evaluating Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio or another SMS platform, you probably already know the value of SMS marketing. 65% of marketers say that SMS marketing is a “very effective” method for them, and SMS open rates are as high as 98% compared to 20% of all emails. While email marketing is still a very viable option, SMS marketing can be more beneficial for some of your customers depending on their preferences. It’s always best to develop marketing strategies and tactics with your various buyer personas and their communication preferences in mind.

As a Salesforce customer branching out into SMS marketing, you have a couple of options. Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio (product info here) is common for our clients, as well as other SMS options like Service Cloud Message and providers that integrate with Sales Cloud, like Twilio and SMS Magic. We’ll dive into how Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio differs from other SMS options. 

What Is Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio?

Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio allows you to personalize SMS marketing messages, push notifications and chat messaging. You can easily align mobile with your other marketing channels (like email and social) for an omnichannel approach, providing the right messages, at the right time, in the right place. The most commonly used feature of Mobile Studio is Mobile Connect where you can send SMS and MMS messages as alerts and transactional messages.

How Mobile Studio Differs From Other SMS Platforms

What Mobile Studio Is For

The types of texts that you can send out of Mobile Connect include SMS and MMS texts, and the platform uses a shortcode – a 5-6 digit number provisioned with the carriers for specific, approved messaging. You can send outbound messages, messages to gain subscribers, surveys, and automated messages. 

Mobile Connect is great if you need to send alerts to your subscribers or to elicit feedback from them based on set keywords. For example, when someone texts JOIN, they can receive a welcome message. If you ask a subscriber to respond YES or NO, they’ll receive the next prompt response. It can work as a two-way street when subscribers text certain keywords that prompt a pre-fabricated response. You can also incorporate Mobile Connect messaging into another popular product in Marketing Cloud called Journey Builder

One huge benefit is the integration between Marketing Cloud and Salesforce through Marketing Cloud Connect to ensure you are reaching the right customers and segments. You can build and create data extensions off these different segments and send personalized text messages to them. You can create automated messages so you never miss an opportunity to connect with them.

What Mobile Studio is Not For

Mobile Connect is not used to facilitate a back and forth, customer service-type, conversation with your customers. This differs from other SMS platforms that are meant for more back and forth communications from a rep or agent. 

Do you need Mobile Studio or something else?

Here it is at a high level what platform might be best for you.

Use Mobile Studio For: 

  • Outbound communication
  • Text alerts
  • Surveying your subscribers
  • Sending promotional messages
  • Gathering information from your subscribers via prompts

For text messages for customer support, look into LiveMessage through Service Cloud or other SMS providers. If you are expecting to manage back-and-forth communication, another texting platform or a combination might be the best solution.

How to Get Started with Mobile Studio

If you have a Corporate or Enterprise edition of Marketing Cloud, a private short code, SMS messaging, group messaging and push messaging are included. If you have a Basic or Pro edition of Marketing Cloud, talk to your Salesforce Account Executive about enabling this feature (additional fees or terms apply). You will need a skilled Salesforce partner to provision the shortcode for your use. Note: Provisioning is about a 14-week process to work with the mobile carriers so that you can use the shortcode and reach your subscribers. 

We hope this helps as you decide what you need for your SMS marketing strategy. Our team is certified and experienced in setting up Mobile Connect and provisioning a shortcode. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email

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