Key Takeaways from Social Media Week Austin 2020

social media week austin 2020

For the third year in a row, our team attended Social Media Week Austin. SMW is designed to empower marketers, brands, and entrepreneurs with emerging strategies, trends, and tools to reach their goals in the ever-changing social media and digital space.  

As the world and interactions become more and more digital, this year at SMWatx the theme was all about human connection as the key to success in social media marketing. Many speakers throughout the conference mentioned human connection in their presentation, and many of the sessions focused on humanizing the content you create

From Social Media Week Austin, here are a few ways to add a human connection to your social media content:

Connection Over Numbers 

In the “Instagram for Business” session, Hannah Wilson, Account Executive from LumenAd expressed that the depth of connection and quality of content is more important than the number of followers or likes. She believes that “On Instagram, comments are king: getting comments on your posts will drive up your engagement rate and responding to your comments is essential in creating an engaged community.”

Be Responsive

When followers take the time to comment or message you, always make sure to respond and be as helpful as possible. Kristin Sheppard, Senior Copywriter at Dell Technologies, shared in the “Give Them the Feels: Creating Content with a Human Connection” session that the most crucial brand action that customers value is when a brand is responsive. 

Authenticity Over Perfection

When creating videos, focus on being your human self instead of creating a perfect video with ideal lighting and the best camera. “When creating selfie videos, they don’t have to be perfect. Screw them up on purpose! It will make you relatable and more favorable to the algorithm.” – Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzMetrics at the “Let’s Fix Your Broken Digital Marketing Strategy Together, Step-By-Step!” session. 

Be a Good Storyteller

As humans, we crave stories. And being a good storyteller is what makes a great influencer and brand. An excellent framework to follow when telling a story, according to the Blitz Metrics team is – “When I was (this is where your “WHY “comes in)… I believe (the overarching lesson of the story that you’re telling)… I am (give a brief explanation of what you do”

One major benefit of telling a good brand story, according to CJ Johnson, Branding Consultant at GQ is “If people are appreciating the story you’re telling as a company or personal brand, they’re going to want to take part in that story.” 

Be a Human on LinkedIn

According to Joshua B Lee, Founder of StandOut Authority, in the “LinkedIn Engagement Marketing: How to ATTRACT, INFLUENCE, and CONVERT” session, there is no B2B or B2C, there is only H2H. H2H stands for Human to Human connection, and it’s important because a human being runs every company. To be successful on LinkedIn, Lee suggests posting text-only posts as they perform better than pictures, focusing on comments as they drive the algorithm, and being yourself: “People like people like them, so allow that to shine through.”

In conclusion, humanizing your brand’s online presence by building a community instead of a following, responding and engaging with your audience, and creating content that is relatable and authentic is how you truly win at social media. What do y’all think?

About the author

Alicia is a Digital Marketing Manager and Pardot Consultant at Kadence Digital. She is passionate about creating meaningful marketing campaigns, creative strategies, and technology that makes life easier. You can find her exploring Austin, Tx with her puppy, Rory.