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Here are our best tips and tools for conversion rate optimization in your lead generation campaigns Your lead generation marketing campaigns have launched. You’re starting to see interesting analytics on your efforts. You’re seeing a steady flow of leads come in, but is it enough? Could anything improve how many leads are filling out that...
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How to Strategically use Remarketing to Convert Leads Imagine this: you launch a paid social media campaign to generate leads. You allocated a lot of your marketing budget towards it. You get a decent amount of conversions, but not the results you were expecting. Your campaign reached over 100,000 people, but converted at less than...
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Kadence Digital Blog Buyers Journey
How you can see an increase in sales by mapping content to the buyer’s journey We recently wrote about how to create buyer personas. Truly knowing your customers and potential customers is incredibly important to any marketing strategy, especially lead generation. To truly understand your potential customers, the second piece of the puzzle is knowing...
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Buyer Persona Kadence Digital
What are Buyer Personas, Why You Need Them, and How to Build Them Truly knowing your customers and potential customers is incredibly important to any marketing strategy, especially lead generation. Oftentimes your ideal customer base can be segmented into a few key types of buyers, also referred to as buyer personas. Fleshing out each segment...
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With 81% of people having at least one social media profile and spending an average of 2 hours per day on social media, social media marketing is a powerful strategy to promote your business and begin a conversation with your existing and target customers. In order to maximize the impact of social media marketing, it...
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Turning visitors into leads In part one of how to get more leads from your website visitors, we learned how to analyze where your visitors are coming from, who is visiting your website, and which pages are the most popular when visiting your website. Read part one here. Once you understand your website visitors the...
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lead generation strategy
So you want to start a lead generation strategy? Here’s what you need to know. The traditional buyer’s journey has been disrupted – more of your potential customers are researching and making purchasing decisions before ever even talking to a sales person. To take back some of the control and give your sales team the...
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Social Media Week Austin Takeaways
Our team attended Social Media Week Austin, and here’s what we learned… Social Media Week (SMW) is one of the world’s premier conferences and industry news platforms for professionals in media, marketing and technology. Happening across many cities and countries around the world, industry leaders gather for several days to share the latest in tips,...
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We love sharing knowledge about how to achieve the best results in your lead generation plan – especially when it comes to measuring success and proving that your dollars are spent wisely. We really geek out on the numbers behind building a lead generation plan, because data is the best way to prove the value...
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